10 Ruggable Pad Hack [DIY Magic Clever Tips and Tricks]

Though ruggable pads are easy to use and designed to be versatile, there are some creative hacks to maximize their potential. One of my friends used to have rugs and followed many easy ruggable pad hacks for easy and long-term use, also for keeping her rug good. 

When I started to use rugs, she suggested me many ruggable pad hacks by which I get benefits and also those make me feel very comfortable while using ruggable pads. Here, I am sharing some very useful hacks so that when you use ruggable pads you can also use them: 

Ruggable Pad Hack

10 Creative Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your Ruggable Pad:

1. Double-sided design:

If your rug has a reversible design, then you can flip the design frequently to change the look of your space and do not need to buy a new one. You can use the rug for a long time in this way and occasionally change your rug’s look.

  • Pros: It will save you money to invest in a new rug.
  • Cons: There are no cons. 

2. Double up on pads for extra cushion:

If your rug is too thin, then you can try layering more than one ruggable pad underneath your rug. Those will make your look thicker and feel more plush also gives more cushioning and makes you feel comfortable.  It will increase the comfort and stability of rugs. Layers of the pads feel like cushions on the floor and the rug gives more ease underfoot. 

  • Pros: With these, you can have rugs with good cushioning which will make your rug look better. 
  • Cons: Sometimes it can be difficult to wash or clean your ruggable pads for many layers. 

3. Using ruggable pads outdoors:

Though ruggable pads are not fit for use outdoors you can also use the pads outdoors. You can just keep the ruggable pad under an outdoor rug which will include some more stability. It will also help to stop people from slipping on porch or pool surfaces and give more constant surfaces for furniture and walking. 

  • Pros: It will help to add extra stability for rugs and people. 
  • Cons: Sometimes a ruggable pad can be damaged for extreme use outdoors because it is not made to endure sun, rain, and excessive temperature, and it lacks quality for use outdoors. 

4. Hot glues for the edges of rugs:

If you find that the corners of your rugs have been folded or curled which causes tripping hazards as well as an unpleasant look then you can use hot glue to fix it. Apply hot glue underneath the corners of rugs that have been curled or folded and press that over ruggable pads. This hack is a quick or instant fix for the curled corner of your rug.

  • Pros: It will help the curled corner to be straight and stick to the ruggable pad and fit with it.
  • Cons: Sometimes due to use or carelessness the glue just fed or the corners of the rug again become in a curl shape.

5. Cutting ruggable pad to size:

If your ruggable pad is bigger than your rug, you can just easily cut your ruggable pad according to the size of your rag with a sharp scissor and then adjust with your rug. The attached pad will perfectly fit with the size of the rug and will create a perfect and clean look for your rug. The ruggable pad will fully cover the rug and guarantee a complete defense against distortion.     

  • Pros: It will fit with your rug and looks good.
  • Cons: You need to be careful while cutting the pad, otherwise it will be shorter or bigger than your rug.

6. Combining multiple rugs for a layered look:

If you want a layer look for your rug,  you can just use the ruggable pad as a base and then you can just simply add more rugs on your ruggable pads one by one. That non-slip pad will help the rugs to be in place and prevent them from sliding around. You can also place or remove the rug for a changing look. 

  • Pros: This will look better and is a creative way to make a new rug.
  • Cons: This may cause trouble while cleaning the rug. 

7. Diy welcome mat:

If you want to place a rug on your entryway you can personalise an entryway rug by cutting a ruggable pad into small size and can create a custom DIY welcome mat. It reduces the cost of having a new welcome mat and it will prevent you from spending money on a new rug. If you are looking for a budget-friendly and affordable solution then you may follow this hack.   

  • Pros: This hack is cost-effective and will help you to make customized welcome mats according to your wish.
  • Cons: Sometimes you may not have extra ruggable pads or the pads you want, this time may have to buy new ones.

8. Solutions accommodating to pets:

Solutions accommodating to pets

If you have a pet, then you can cut your ruggable pad to fit underneath your pet bowls and prevent them from sliding around and spoiling your rug. It will also help you to clean any mess. 

  • Pros: It will help you to place your rug in the place.
  • Cons: Sometimes pets like cats scratch or bite the rug and it damages the rug.

9. Use baking soda to give a ruggable pad a refresh:

If you find that your rug is smelling a little bad or you are getting any odd odor for your rug then you can just spread some baking soda on your rug and let it sit for a few hours. Baking soda will soak any kind of odd smell. 

  • Pros: It will help smell your ruggable pad well and remove any bad odor.
  • Cons: Do not use much baking soda otherwise that may damage your rug.

10. Using vinegar and water solution to clean ruggable pad:

If you find that your ruggable pad is soiled or dirty, then a mixture of vinegar and water can solve the problem. Then you can just make a solution of one portion of vinegar and two portions of water to clean your ruggable pad. Just remember to use the solution in a discreet location of the pad to check the solution and ensure it does not damage the fabric. 

  • Pros: Following this hack you can clean your ruggable pad easily.
  • Cons: Need to be careful with the solution and test it before use on a ruggable pad.


These ruggable pad hacks I described above hope that you will find these useful. These hacks provide simple solutions to the complicated problems you often face and give a range of benefits to make the most use of your ruggable pad and also provide comfort, style, and practical solutions. 

All these hacks show the versatility of ruggable pads. Hope that these hacks will be able to keep your expensive carpets in a good look and make efforts to keep your rug good. All these hacks will help you to unlock the true potential of your rugs. 

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