What Size Nails for 7/16 Osb Wall Sheathing

The 8D nail size is best for 7/16 osb wall sheathing. Moreover, the thickness of osb, nail’s length, and the structure work as dependables in this case. I had no idea what size nails for 7/16 osb wall sheathing were needed. I then asked one of my friends who helped with this information.

Recently, I have been remaining really busy as I am renovating my new house. And definitely, the best option is wall sheathing. Wall sheathing is indeed a common idea but what made me suffer was finding the actual pin size and the pinning method. Let me share more details about it with you.

Why Choosing the Right Size of Nail is Important for Wall Sheathing?

Finding the Right Pin Size for 716 Osb Wall Sheathing

It is a common question among most customers: which size pin is good for their wall exterior? Surely, you can not randomly choose your perfect size of pin by guessing. There are available resources and various sizes of pins in the market. But what is the factor that really differentiates the whole system? It is the preference and size of the slide, to be attached. But why choosing the perfect size is important? It is because-

  • The protective layer that is being built will not be strong enough to protect.
  • Sheathing-less constructions are most of the time a failure.
  • The barrier will get weaker over time.

If the length of the pin is long enough, it will stick with a protective slide with the base structure. The last possible problem occurs when the pin sizes are too long that the head of the pin stays unattached even after digging in. That might work in some cases, but most of the time, it does not give the uniform look but that is what we all look for. Then why should we compromise when we have a perfect option in front of our eyes?

Factors you Should Consider before Choosing the Right Nail Size

Have you ever got confused while choosing the right size nail for wall sheathing? Do you know that there are a few factors you must keep in mind while choosing the right-sized nail? Well, I am going to make that easy for you.

The factors that you should keep in mind before selecting the correct size nail are-

1. Sheathing’s Thickness

Sheathing’s thickness is one of the most important factors when choosing the right nail. Knowing the thickness of the sheathing wall is the first thing you should do as it will give you an idea of what size you should pick. For example- for ½ to 5 inches of wall sheathing, you may choose the 8D common nails. And, for ¾ inches of wall sheathing, 10D nail size will be suitable. 

2. Sheathing Material Type

If you are choosing the Osb-type sheathing material, then your nail should be like ring-shanked. 

So, these are the crucial factors you must notice before buying the perfect-sized nail for sheathing walls. 

Finding the Right Pin Size for 7/16 Osb Wall Sheathing

What Size Nails for 716 Osb Wall Sheathing

When I was looking for suggestions, I realized that people do not talk much about it. Mainly, people are not interested enough to build an external protective layer. The builders take the chance as OSB and plywood sheathings cost much more than the normal ones. And that is why most people do not know how to choose the right pin size for sheathing. So, believing in my calculation and knowledge was a great idea.

My OSB panel is in the 7/16 performance category. I was suggested that my work would be fastened up with the 6D common, box, or casing nails. But I chose the mostly supported 8D common nails. It requires 6″ on center at the edges and 6″ on center at the field. I think this size is perfect according to the panel. Very close attention must be paid to proper nail size and spacing to ensure that the fasteners don’t miss the framing members.

Fasteners should be placed 3/8″ from the panel edges. And the nails should be applied 6 inches apart on the panel edges, for most applications. And 12 inches apart for intermediate support. A few more fasteners can be required in certain cases, but not always. The sequencing of nails can also be a major factor for uniform experience. And all of that knowledge is enough I think, to get a perfect outcome.

Possible Impacts of Not Choosing the Right Nail

Why Choosing the Right Size of Nail is Important for Wall Sheathing

Choosing the right nail size for your panel is one of the most underrated yet a major part of sheathing. The whole appearance, outlook, and result depends on it. If the screws are smaller than the required size, they might not fix the problem. Go with bigger ones! A negative side of Osb is that it can swell on the side and edges. So, the panels need to be detached from each other. The vertical panels need to be attached with 8D nails every 6 inches along the seams.

When I performed my nailing job while sheathing my exterior, they were not placed in sequence. This is why the job was done indeed but the outcome did not come as well as expected. That is why I would suggest keeping the sequence of 6 and 12 inches in mind. Also, butt-edging the panels can be a really bad idea as it can lock up moisture and weaken the whole thing. As a result, the protective barrier gets weak. So I think you understand now why is choosing the perfect nail for your admired exterior sheathing is important. It is not only needed for the structure but also for the outcome.


Nails are the major component that attaches the tile to the wall. So, the nailing process has to be worth that. The nail has to be at least 3 times the length of the surface. Choosing a nail longer or shorter than that will not work. For example, nails for roofing are comparatively different than the over ones. What matters is the size and measurement. That was all the knowledge I have gained from my sheathing journey and I hope they will help you to understand what size nails for 7/16 osb wall sheathing is required.

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