Can You Put New Roof Decking over Old Decking?

Yes, of course! You can put new roof decking over old decking. A few years ago, I had decided to re-deck my roof. It cost me a lot to remove the whole old decking settings and fully replace a new one. Then, one of my friends told me that I could just put a new roof deck over the older one. She also added that the existing deck board must be placed for a minimum of 5 years ago.

As you still have time to decide, do not increase your expenditures like me! Need clarification, right? Do not worry, I will make things easy for you!

When to Put a New Roof Decking over the Existing One?

Can You Put New Roof Decking over Old Decking

Generally, a roof decking lasts around 20 years. I had to change my roof decking after 10 years of installation for certain reasons. Do you want to know why I did that? I started seeing a few changes on my roof deck. Then, my father told me that those are the signs of the depreciation of the rooftop and advised me to change it.

Let me help you know how you can find that you have to put a new roof deck over the old one-

1. If you notice a few cracks in your roof deck, you should put a new one over it to protect the roof deck materials.

2. If there is any damage to the current decking. Pests, water damage, or decay can be at blame. If the damage is bad enough, the roof’s structural stability could be at risk.

3. For some types of roofs, like metal roofs, you need a strong deck. You will need to add a new piece of protective decking if the old one is not smooth and hard before you put on the new roof deck.

4. Putting a new roof deck over the current one may save time and money to do this, as it is a better choice. The current decking must be in good shape and up to code before it can be covered.

If you notice any of these signs in your roof, start thinking of buying a new roof decking as soon as possible.

Is Overlaying a New Roof Deck Feasible than Replacing Roof Deck?

In my opinion, it is feasible to overlay the new roof deck rather than replace it. I am providing you with a comparison table of its feasibility:

CostLess expensiveMore expensive
ComplexitySimplerMore complex

Adding your roof deck might be a good idea if the current deck is in good shape and you are short on money. However, if the current deck is damaged totally and long-term reliability is the most important thing to you, it is better to replace the roof deck.

Factors to Check Before Buying a New Roof Decking

Factors to Check Before Buying a New Roof Decking

There are a few factors you must keep in mind before buying a new roof decking. These are-

1. Choosing energy-saving material

The best material for roof decking is metal. Metal is not only a long-lasting material but also does not let the sun’s heat enter your house. You can use the metallic roof decking for energy-saving and safety purposes.

2. Checking if there is any moisture damage

Before buying a new roof decking, check if there is any moisture damage on the surface of the decking, such as swelling or discoloration. This type of moisture damage can make the roof decking susceptible.

3. Sign of decay

Check whether there is any decay or not. No one wants any depreciated product, right? If you find the wood is crumbly or sponge-type in a few areas, do not buy that one as this type of wood will not give you the protection you want.

4. Fragility

The material you will choose for your roof decking should not be fragile. So, choose a product that will be as less fragile as possible.

5. Ventilation

Make sure there is enough airflow around the decks, especially in places where water tends to collect. Proper ventilation is much needed.

6. Following all applicable building codes

Check to see if the current decking meets the building rules in your area. Building rules may say that roof decking must be a certain minimum thickness, distance apart, and material.

These are the main factors you have to keep in mind before you choose to buy any new roof decking.

How to Lay New Roof Decking over the Existing Decking?

When I did my installation of new roof decking over the previous one, I followed some guidelines for safety and accurate and safe installation. Let me guide you with the installation procedure of overlapping a new roof decking over the old one. Please keep in mind that this is a very hard physical task that should only be done by people who are in good psyche.

Let me tell you the stepwise process of laying a new roof deck over the previous one-

How to Lay New Roof Decking over the Existing Decking

1. Assemble Necessary Tools

Collect all the necessary tools that will be needed for this task, such as- a new roof deck, hammer, roofing nails, gloves, safety glasses, etc.

2. Detach the Underlayment and Old Shingles

Carefully take off the old shingles and insulation from the roof with a pry bar. Be careful not to hurt the roof decking that is already there.

3. Check the Current Decking

After taking off the old shingles and underlayment, check the current roof decking for any damage.

4. Install the New Decking

Put the new decking down first at the roof’s eaves. Cut the decking to size with a circular saw. Now, screw it to the roof beams. Do not let any spaces or unevenness exist between the sheets of roofing.

5. Put the Water and Ice Barrier in Place

Put an ice and water shield over the whole roof once the new decking is in place. The shield against ice and water will help keep the roof safe from ice dams and leaks.

6. Install the New Shingles

You can put on the new shingles after the ice and water shield is put in place. Start from the roof’s edges and then, move to the top. The shingles must be overlapped and screwed in place.

7. Install the Ridge Cap

When it rains, the ridge cap will keep water from damaging the top of the roof.

8. Clean the Area

When the roof decking installation is done, clean up the work area and get rid of the old insulation and shingles.

Voila! You have finally done it. If you follow these steps, it will be easy for you to put new roof decking over the old decking.

Maintenance and Cleanliness of Roof Decking

Roofing decking is the layer of boards or panels that give your roof shingles a flat, stable surface. As an important part of your roof, it needs to be properly maintained to last a long time and keep problems from happening. For proper care of your roof decks, what you need to do is-

1. The roof deck should be checked at least twice a year.

2. If you see any damage, you should not be late in fixing this.

3. Regularly clean off your roof of any dirt or leaves.

4. Make sure the vents are not blocked.

See, the maintenance of roof decking is not that much hard.

Wrap Up

If you fix the drawbacks at first, overlapping new roof decking is not a big task at all. I hope, through this article, you have come to know that you can overlap a new roof deck over an old roof deck easily.

This will increase the roof weight, as well as it will give you better protection. So, if you are thinking of overlaying a new roof deck, you can now do it easily!

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