Why Ruggable Pad Shedding Black [Reasons & Fixes]

A few days ago, I was planning to do a makeover to my house, especially since I was bored with the tile floor finish I had. This time I wanted something luxurious to redecorate my interior management. And in this cold weather, I could not think of anything other than the rugs. But a little research on it, helped me to know about the most hyped problem. The ruggable pad shedding black issue, and I must share my knowledge and experience about it!

Common Problems Customers Face with Rug Pads

Ruggable Pad Shedding Black

The most faced problem with rug pads is the shedding issue. The common problems people face while using rug pads are-

  1. Pads shed black flecks: Imagine entering a room that glimpses and feels like it belongs in a home décor magazine. Under your feet, there is that eye-catching black flecky particle. One of my friends got himself a rug last year. According to him, everything was fine until it started to leave black marks on his wooden floor recently. The dark particles firmly adhered to his rug cover. The most annoying part was, they didn’t shake off! Customers also mention washing it for a few times to get rid of the black flecks, because of the edge of the covers to curl. Also, the cover gets discolored, and the material gets a bit harsher than before after washing.
  2. Low longevity: Rug pads are very important for keeping floors and rugs safe, but they do not last forever. In places with a lot of foot traffic, they can be worn down in 3/4 years, and cheaper materials will fall apart faster. Think about quality and make sure the pad is the right thickness for your rug. If you buy a good one, you will enjoy its benefits for many years. But know that even heroes get worn out over time.

Then, can we use the rugs without the pads? The simple answer is, no! Rugs are a two-piece system that stays attached with the help of their cling effect system. Thanks to the non-slip formula of the base. Because without the underpad, the rugs would slip every time you step on them. And you surely would not want to trip over your newly bought rug. 

Why do the Pads Shed Black Flecks after a Certain Time?

Why do the Pads Shed Black Flecks after a Certain Time

Here a lot of customers think it happens because some rug pads are machine-made, and some are handmade. But does their lifetime really depend on the material? Fairly yes but mostly it is just a myth. The fibers of it break over time, which creates loose strands. And the rug starts to shed slowly after that.

Some manufacturing companies provide a warranty for their product. But they are never longer than 1 or 2 years, which is never long enough. In some cases, investing in high-quality rugs can solve the problem, as the material sheds less and lives more. But you can always take great care of your rugs by using simple hacks, to maintain their longevity.

The reasons for ruggable pad shedding black after a while are-

  • Harsh cleaning products: If you use rough chemicals or cleaning, they can damage the pad’s surface and cause it to shed. Clean your rug with gentle methods and tools.
  • Style of usage: Over time, regular use of the surfaces can lead to the gradual wearing down of the top layer of the pad, eventually exposing the underlying black backing material. This is more likely to occur in areas with a high volume of people.
  • Manufacturing issue: Shedding may occur due to a manufacturing defect, like an inadequate bond between the top layer and the backing.

How to Stop Ruggable Pads Shedding Black?

How to Stop Ruggable Pads Shedding Black

If you maintain your ruggable pads as I explain, then I do not think you will face this issue ever again. The steps are-

1. Pre-cleaning preparations

  • Begin by thoroughly vacuuming both sides of the ruggable pad, paying close attention to the edges and seams where shedding may be more prevalent. 
  • If the weather is favorable, you have the option to place the ruggable pad on a flat surface under direct sunlight for a few hours. This can assist in loosening and releasing any embedded fibers.

2. Washing Cautions

  • Many ruggable pads can be easily cleaned in a washing machine, but it’s important to refer to the care label provided by the manufacturer for specific instructions. Opt for cold water and the delicate cycle while using a mild detergent. It is recommended to refrain from using fabric softeners or bleach.
  • Carefully immerse the ruggable pad and gently agitate it, paying attention to spots with black shedding. Ensure a complete rinse by using clean water until all traces of soap suds are gone.

3. Drying the pads

Find a suitable location with proper air circulation to allow the ruggable pad to dry thoroughly. 

Customer Advice and Brand Responses on Solving this Issue

The Ruggable’s eagerness to assist their cherished community is endearing as they collaborate on a website with customers.

And they are not the only ones taking the stage. Many seasoned ruggable users have ventured out to share insightful views and important lessons discovered during their rug travels. A sample of the priceless expertise they offer is as follows:

  • The covers are washable but the pads are not. Yes, if you ever put the base inside your washing machine, the game is already over for you.  A lot of consumers noticed that this shedding occurs immediately following their first few washes, which takes the story one step further.
  • If occasionally the pad needs to be cleaned, make sure to clean it on the spot. Washcloths can be used for wet messes and periodical vacuuming can be helpful for dry messes. The main goal is, not to let the dirt or moisture get locked in it.
  • Choosing low-shedding fibers, and trimming the loose fibers might be helpful. Rotating the sides regularly can also prevent harsh contact, which may be helpful for your rug to last longer than usual.
  • It might be called “overrated” but professional cleaning is always the best option. Hand cleaning or simple hacks are helpful but professional cleaning is always the best option, as they provide many non-handy techniques and formulas.
  • It should always be cleaned gently. You might potentially cut down on fiber loss by using smooth washing cycles. And you might not even get notified about it! Harsh contacts are always bad for fluffy things like rugs.

However, the pads indeed create a great hassle but at the same time, it is a very budget-friendly idea to go with. The rugs represent various designs and colors, matching with your interior design. The choice of rugs also reflects the aesthetic skill of fancy-minded people. And surely, those are very eye-catching. They must draw the attention of your guests and impress them with your great choice of taste. 

After all the research, customer reviews, brand promises, and my acquired knowledge, the mentioned steps can be helpful enough to make your ruggable pad worthy enough to purchase. All you will need is to properly take care of it. It is not just my opinion, but the voice of a community in search of understanding and sharing. 


After all of that, ruggable pads are considered to be worth the money due to their washability and adaptability in terms of design, even though the “ruggable pad shedding black” problem can be a big headache. With collaborative efforts from both brands and customers, certain potential drawbacks should be minimized while retaining the product’s enticing qualities. And following that, ruggable pads are indeed a suitable choice for your next rug journey. 

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