3 Best 8-Inch Subwoofer Home Theater

If you live in a small room, a 10” or 12” subwoofer is unsuitable. It will be too loud and noisy for you. Here an 8” compact subwoofer can perform better. Because it focuses more on sound quality. In contrast, bigger subwoofers focus on providing deep bass and rich sound.

Unlike 10” and 12” subwoofers, 8” subs are not typical. So, finding a good quality compact subwoofer is challenging. Even if you find some, options are minimal. That’s why I have come up with this post. It will feature the best 8-inch subwoofer home theater. Besides, I have added a buying guide to find other best options. Give it a shot.

Top Picks: Best 8-inch subwoofer home theater

3 Best 8-Inch Subwoofer Home Theater

As mentioned earlier, compact subwoofers are uncommon. I have found a few options. I have filtered them with good quality and popular brand names and shortlisted the best 3. Get one from them that is most suitable for you.

SubwoofersPower Rating (Watts)Frequency Response(Hz)Connectivity
Audioengine S825027-180Wireless
Polk Audio PSW11115038-250Wired
Definitive Technology Descend DN825035-200Wired

3 Best 8-inch subwoofer home theater (Detailed review)

All the subwoofers I have mentioned in my top list are from renowned brands. So, you don’t need to worry about quality or reliability. If you still have doubts, read the detailed review. Here you will get the breakdown of the subwoofer’s performance, build quality, connectivity, technology, and other technical specifications.

1. Audioengine S8

Audioengine S8


  • 500 watts peak power
  • 27-180 Hz frequency range
  • Down firing sub

Let’s start with an interesting sub. S8 from Audioengine is the most unique one on this list. It’s a wired subwoofer that can also be converted to wireless with a small adapter. This feature makes it a versatile option in compact subwoofers.

Audioengine S8 has a wide connectivity range. Wireless is one of them. It also connects through RCA and stereo cables. All these cables and the adapter come with the sub. Besides, the package includes an AC power cord, Adapter power cord, microfibre cloth, and starter guide. So, it’s a complete package with the necessary goodies.

Let’s talk about the real thing now. Audio is the most important thing to consider while getting a sub. Audioengine S8 can provide a balanced sound as expected from a compact sub. This 8” down-firing sub can produce up to 500 watts. It’s powerful but clear as the frequency response is low.

If you ask about the built quality, the sub is made of mid-density fibrewood. It has a decent level of durability. But this material can eliminate excessive noise and help to produce better quality audio. The cabinet also has a smooth finish that looks premium.

Lastly, I should mention the after-sale service and 3 years of product warranty Audioengine offers for this. It’s excellent for a mid-budget subwoofer. Overall it’s a value-for-money option for the \compact subwoofer.


  • Moderate power rating and balanced sound
  • Wide connectivity option and compatibility with any device
  • 3 Year product warranty and customer support


  • External audio adapter

2. Polk Audio PSW111

Polk Audio PSW111


  • 300 watts peak power
  • 38-250 Hz frequency range
  • Front-firing sub

This one is for you if you want the best compact subwoofer in the budget range. Alongside the brand name, it comes with some exciting features. It is one of the most optimized subwoofers I have ever seen. Though it looks cliche, this subwoofer has a minimalistic clean look. It’s a super compact sub that has no unnecessary innovations.

The audio it produces is also remarkably optimized. The 150-watt amplifier can produce up to 300 watts. It’s loud enough for music, movies, and gaming. The frequency response is very low here. So it can produce more precise sound even at the highest volume. Besides, the intelligent compression technology eliminates distortion and provides a thrilling sound experience.

Polkaudio has worked on small details for this sub, significantly influencing the overall sound quality. For example, the cabinet is made of composite material. It can’t provide long durability but can absorb excessive noise. Besides, its precise engineering work and craftsmanship are vital for noise cancellation.

Alongside extraordinary audio quality, this sub offers universal compatibility. It blends with your existing systems no matter which AVR you have. Besides, it connects through any cables like RCA or stereo. So it’s easy to set up. Overall, it’s the best compact subwoofer in the budget segment.


  • Compact in size and easy to set up
  • Loud yet clear sound
  • Adaptability with any system


  • Cliche look and average built quality
  • Wired connectivity

3. Definitive Technology Descend DN8

Definitive Technology Descend


  • 500 watts peak power
  • 35-200 Hz frequency range
  • Front-firing sub

Unlike the previous subs, DN8 fits more in the premium range. You can see that it comes with some premium features. Let’s start with the sub’s construction. The cabinet is made of high-quality MDF that lasts long. The design is not something over the top. But it provides a minimalistic and modern look. Besides, the sleek black finish gives it a premium look.

Continuing the construction part, it plays a vital role in audio quality. For example, DN8 has an aluminum dome tweeter and an 8” polypropylene woofer. The woofer and tweeter can produce powerful bass of up to 500 watts. The MDF cabinet balances such powerful bass by absorbing excessive noise and distortion. As the frequency response is low, you will get precise detail in the audio. So, the sub is perfect for music, movies, and gaming.

If you ask about connectivity, DN8 offers versatile connection options. It connects through RCA, LFE, or stereo cables. So, it fits in any home theatre system. But it doesn’t come with any cables. You have to buy one separately. That’s a drawback I found about this Subwoofer. Otherwise, it has an interconnectivity option. You can pair one DN8 with another to get a thunderous sound. That’s a cool feature I must mention.

Lastly, I should talk about the control system DN8 offers. It’s too convenient to control the sub with its rear control panel. It includes volume, low pass filter, phase, and power toggle. So, you have total control over the audio output. These features make it the best compact subwoofer in the market.


  • Distortion-free dynamic sound
  • Excellent built quality and minimalistic design
  • Versatility with wide connectivity options


  • Wired connectivity
  • Cables are not included

What makes the best 8-inch subwoofer home theater

Subwoofers on my top list are easy to get. Alongside them, there are some other options similar to them. You must know what makes the best 8-inch subwoofer home theater to find them. Besides, it will help you understand how I have made the top list.

Moderate power rating

More power means more fun. That’s a norm for subwoofers. Off course, it’s a fact that more power can cover more area. But, excessive power can create an echo when the room is small.

I explained earlier why 8” subwoofers are more suitable for small rooms. So, when getting an 8” subwoofer for a small room, ensure it has a moderate power rating. Thus, it can cover your room with high-quality sound without making an echo.

You may ask, which power range is moderate? Many 10” or 12” inch subwoofers are rated within 200 to 400 watts. These are high-powered subwoofers. You can also find low-powered subs of 50 RMS. So, you can consider 100-150 RMS as moderate power.

High sensitivity

When getting any subwoofer, sensitivity is a crucial factor. It’s the term that determines the quality of bass. The subwoofer can produce higher bass with minimum power if the sensitivity is high.

Compact subwoofers generally have lower to medium power ratings, so the bass is weak. You can still get maximum bass output if the sensitivity is high. Moderate power and High sensitivity make a balance between bass and vocal. Moderate power ensures clarity in sound, and high sensitivity provides strength in the bass.

Low frequency response

Sound detailing is also a significant factor in subwoofer selection. It depends on the frequency response. Frequency response indicates which tones the subwoofer can reproduce. If the subwoofer has a wide frequency range, it can reproduce all the tones, whether it has a high pitch or a low pitch.

The purpose of an 8” compact subwoofer is to produce high-quality audio. For that, you will need sound detailing features. If the subwoofer has a high-frequency response, it won’t capture the sound in detail. For example, let the subwoofer’s frequency range is 50 to 150 Hz. It can’t process background sounds that are below 50 Hz.

The ideal frequency response of a compact sub should be 20 to 200 Hz. Then it will reproduce the sound in detail, and the overall audio quality will be good.

Integrated amplifier

A compact subwoofer can help in many ways if you are in a small room. One of them is visual aesthetics. It occupies less space and offers a minimalist look. But it is only possible when the amplifier is integrated.

In a passive sub, you will need an external amplifier to install. Firstly, it’s challenging to set up. Besides, it requires more space and gives a messy look.

If the amplifier is integrated, the sub will be compact. Thus, you can set up the home theater easily. Besides, the movability of the system increases when the amplifier is integrated. Above all, it will offer a minimalistic look to your room.

Wireless connectivity

It’s universal for any subwoofer. I have mentioned it in all my subwoofer buying guides or top lists. Though it’s a bit pricy but a wireless subwoofer has several benefits. It helps in usability, moveability, and aesthetics.

Firstly, connecting a wireless subwoofer is easy. You can do it sitting on your sofa or lying on your bed. You can also stream music or movies from your smartphone. Besides, interconnectivity is possible in wireless speakers and subwoofers. You can create an ecosystem within your home by integrating Alexa or Google Home.

Another advantage of a wireless subwoofer is its ease of maintenance. You can move and clean it easily. So, get a wireless subwoofer. There will be no hanging wiring, and you will get a clean look at your room.

Tips: I have only discussed the factors related explicitly to compact subwoofers in this buying guide. You should also consider other factors like build quality, design, or aftersale service while getting an 8” subwoofer.


Unfortunately, subwoofers are always promoted as bass speakers. But you can also use them as an add-on to your home theater system to enhance your sound experience with sharpness and punch. But it will work only when you get a correct-sized subwoofer. If you live in a small room, a compact 8” sub is perfect.

This post aims to help you choose and pick the best 8” subwoofer home theater. I am assuming that it has helped. However, I suggest considering quality over power when buying a compact subwoofer.

I hope you enjoy your favorite movies and music with your new subwoofer.


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