Can You Buy Single Roof Shingles? [Answered]

Yes, you can buy single-roof shingles, and the price might vary from $1 to $12 depending on different materials, sizes, quality, and quantity. A couple of months ago, one of my friends called me and said there was a missing shingle in his roof and how he could fix it.

So, I advised him to consider factors like brand, roof appearance, and compatibility besides price, size, and quality. And it is not ideal to expose your roof without a shingle, specifically during rain.

I mentioned every single factor you should consider, how much the shingle will cost you, and how you can place it step by step in the later section.

When Do You Need Single Roof Shingles?

When Do You Need Single Roof Shingles

One fine morning you woke, went outside of your house, and looked up at your roof, and you noticed a few shingles that were damaged, cracked, or missing altogether. That’s when you know it’s time to consider getting single-roof shingles.

But those are not all the reasons.

  1. Strong winds or storms sometimes cause individual shingles to become dislodged or go missing.
  2. If your roof has suffered damage due to weather, fallen branches, or other issues, you may need to replace specific shingles rather than the entire roof.
  3. Over time, shingles can deteriorate due to age, exposure to the elements, or other factors.
  4. Removing existing shingles in the surrounding area may be necessary when installing new vents, chimneys, or other rooftop features. And, in the process, those shingles could break.
  5. Lastly, many want to give our roof a consistent look or a specific style or color. You might have used different colors among a specific color palette in the roof and are considering changing or replacing that particular piece.

In the case of missing shingles, as you might already know, a roof can’t go that long without shingles, and other issues could arise. The bottom line is you need to replace it ASAP.

Considerations When Buying Single Shingles

How Much Is One Shingle For a Roof

I understand your frustration, I do. It’s too much hassle for a single shingle, but you must do it for your and your family’s safety and ensure they don’t have to face any issues.

If that makes you a bit relaxed, here are some things you must consider while buying a piece of shingles.

Consideration #1: Quality and Compatibility

First, choose shingles compatible with your existing roof system to ensure proper installation and performance. Besides, you must consider factors such as wind resistance, durability, and fire ratings to meet local building codes and regulations.

Consideration #2: Size and Quantity

Yes, the primary purpose is to buy a single shingle, but it’s a good practice to buy a few extra ones to have on hand for future repairs or to account for any mistakes during installation. In my opinion, buy a bundle and keep them. Besides, you won’t sometimes find many shops selling you just a single shingle.

Consideration #3: Brand and Manufacturer

You can’t go around and just buy a shingle from anywhere else. Opt for shingles from reputable brands or manufacturers with a proven track record because established brands often offer warranties and provide better customer support if any issues arise.

Probably you wouldn’t have to worry about buying a single shingle if your insurance covered it from the brand you bought.

Consideration #4: Appearance

It’s crucial to find shingles that exactly or closely match the existing ones on your roof. If possible, look for the same material, color, and style to maintain a cohesive appearance.

Consideration #5: Cost

I know it’s not what you want to hear, but buying single shingles can be more expensive than purchasing them in bundles. And you know it’s true. Compare the cost per shingle with the cost of buying a full bundle; the facts will be clear.

Besides, If you’re not experienced in roofing, consider hiring a professional roofer to install single shingles. It will cost a few more bucks, but it’s worth it because Improper installation can lead to roof leaks, roof damage, and the voiding of warranties.

How Much Is One Shingle For a Roof?

All the factors I mentioned in the previous section will affect the overall cost of the single shingle. Besides, depending on various types of material will also affect the cost.

As you know, brand and material play a significant role in the pricing, and I can only give you an estimated price range.

Here is the thing, yes, you can buy single-roof shingles, but sometimes you might need to buy them per square foot.

To make things easy, I made a table of the price of a single shingle and per square foot depending on different types of material.

Also, please note that prices vary depending on brand, size, quantity, and quality.

Shingle Material Price per Single ShingleCost per Square Foot
Asphalt$1 – $3$4.25–$8.25
Aluminum$3 – $5$9 to $12
Composite$2 – $4$10 to $12
Wood$4 – $8$4 to $16
Metal$3 – $6$5 to $17
Steel$5 – $10$10 to $25
Slate$5 – $12$10 to $30
Clay$10 – $20$15 to $35

Steps on Installing Single Roof Shingles (DIY)

Can You Buy Single Roof Shingles

Before I share the steps, I highly encourage you to discuss the process or hand it over to someone with some roofing experience, just in case you don’t have any.

Let’s proceed if you have any ideas and a little bit of experience. But here are the tools you might need.

Now that you have everything you need let’s get started.

  1. You must ensure the roof surface is clean and debris-free by removing old shingles, nails, or damaged materials ensures the roof surface is clean and debris-free. Inspect the roof for any signs of damage or leaks.
  2. Roll out the roofing underlayment over that particular roof surface, secure it using roofing nails or staples, and ensure that the underlayment overlaps correctly.
  3. Place the shingle, align it with the edge, and ensure it overlaps the previous row of shingles.
  4. After that, secure the shingle in place using roofing nails.
  5. Lastly, apply roofing adhesive or cement to the back of each ridge cap and press it firmly along the ridge line.

Here is the thing, the guide provides a general overview of installing single-roof shingles. It can only help you if you have any previous experience.

Wrap Up

I think that’s all there is, and you got your answer about how much it might cost you to get a single shingle. Besides, I also provided pieces of information about all the possible considerations and how you can complete the installation process.

Let me know if there is anything else, and I will get back to you with the answer. Good luck!

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